About Us

Lumiere De Bougie

About Us

A little background 

Lumiere De Bougie has been a long term goal to create and launch. Born in 2021, the business originally began and still remains in Bath, England.  

The goal was to capture beauty and scent in a sophisticated and luxurious manner. 

Originally making wax melts was my passion, which soon grew to a unpresidented love of candles. 


What we believe in

The world is an ever changing place, with unlimited access to media, information and choices. We believe that customers have the right to expect and receive the very best from those who chose to supply them. 



  • Sustainability. We are committed to doing better, through small sustainable steps and choices for our products and packaging. Where we can we use recycled materials and minimal plastic. We are working towards making all our packaging fully recyclable 
  • Using UK sourced materials. Reducing our carbon footprint, by lowering energy and fuel consumption and reducing waste
  • Vegan and animal friendly. We are currently persuing legal certification from the Vegan Society, due to our candles being completely vegan-friendly